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Questions and what to bring


1. What is the main language being used around the stable? Are there opportunities to immerse me in Spanish?

I speak English and a little Spanish and my husband speaks both.
The scholarship program you may be helping with are all Spanish speaking girls.
There is very little English spoken in the neighborhood we live in.

2. Are there opportunities for me to socialize with nearby locals?


3. I understand that 3 meals are provided per day. Will I also have access to a refrigerator and a kitchen to make my own snacks/meals if I?d like to?

We expect you to make yourself at home? you have access to the kitchen and house all day. You are welcome to keep any special items in the fridge.
Things that are not in our usual grocery list you will need to buy yourself, although we do adjust our meals and diet according to who is here.

4. What kind of food is served at meals?
All kinds.
We can accommodate special dietary needs (e.g. vegan, gluten-free), please email us the details. You can come with us to do the shopping and help prepare the meals.

5. About how many hours of work per day do you expect from your work-study volunteers? Does the program run Monday through Sunday or is it only
5 days a week
with the weekends or some other days being free?

Each morning, expect to spend around two hours distributing the feed and water and cleaning stalls and paddock. In the evening you will clean the stalls and feed the horses, which takes around 30? 40 mins. The horses do need care every day but days off can be arranged beforehand.

6. I understand that the work-studies are expected to help out with the horses throughout the day as they are needed. Is it possible to arrange the free time to go elsewhere? If possible, I?d like to get a clear understanding of what is expected of me at various times.

Yes, time off can be arranged, preferably after the morning horse chores are finished.

7. What is transportation like from the farm to the rest of Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has an excellent public transportation system. You can catch a bus from the farm to the local town of Puriscal.

8. If you only have 2 to 3 work-study people at a time, about how many house and garden volunteers do you have at a given time?

I take two house and garden volunteers at a time. Often there is not one scheduled

9. Do you use a specific method of natural horsemanship?

I use a lot of the Parelli curriculum but I began my journey with horses when I was 15 with Monty Robert?s philosophy.  I have been influenced by many others in recent years including David Litchman and Parelli.

10. Can I work with the horses during my free time?

If your an intern you are encouraged to take a horse to the ring to practice as much as you can. The more hands-on time you have with them the more you will learn.

11. Do you have a suggested packing list you can send me?

A raincoat would be good if it?s rainy season.
Rubber boots, but you can also get them here.
Several pairs of long pants that are not too tight for riding.
A light long sleeve shirt for the sun.
Bug repellent.
Hat-cap for the sun.
A light sweater, it can get chilly at night.
For girls, a good sports bra for riding.

12. Does the $36/day cover all fees?

Yes, your room, food, and horse program are all covered.
You will not spend money while you are on the farm. When we go to town you may want to buy personal items. This will be the only time you will have the opportunity to spend any money.

13. Can I get an airport pick up?

Yes, the price is $70. late night hours$80 Please send your flight information.

14. Can I do my laundry?

Yes, you are free to use the washing machine and clothesline.


San Rafael Abajo, Santiago de Puriscal, San Jose, Costa Rica